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Rules for League

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:05 am

This league was started with the NBA fan in mind. This is not a lg to humiliate people or make people quit. But we do expect you to bring your A game and get better. We have simple rules.

1) NO scoring more than 50% of your total points in the paint (PIP). I will give leniency with it being close to 50% (like 51, 52, 53 but not much more). As well if your team is made up of taller people and not shooters I may extend it for your team to 55% or a little higher.
2) Fast Break Points do NOT I repeat do NOT count as PIP. End of game deduct your fast break points from PIP and you'll get your % of actual total PIP.
3) Saying that, NO CHERRY PICKING. DO NOT leave a player down court so you can pass to him and score easily. Not realistic and just not fun.
4) DO NOT abuse scoring totals with one player. To enforce this, one player may not have more than 40% their total shots. Leniency will be given again to about a few % over at times, but do not do this every game.
5) DO NOT let the CPU do all the defending. This doesn't mean however that on ball defense is required constantly. Show you're playing D, don't sit back and watch the CPU do the work.
6) SPORTSMANSHIP IS A MUST! Don't do replays every dunk, don't cry when things don't go your way unless someone is breaking a rule, don't quit games and don't curse a fellow member out after you lose.
7) Finally, if someone breaks a rule. Upload the video to 2k, let us review it and I'll decide (or another admin) if a violation occurred.
Cool NO COMPLAINING: Means NO something to say or want to show me that someone violated something? Send it in a dayum message to me and upload the video to 2k. Have proof to back it up and then we can get the sucker out of there. Don't go off after you lose or quit half way.
9) FINISH EVERY GAME. End of story.
10) If you winning don't full court press.


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